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I'm determined to change myself.
What I do when I am told that I can decorate. #Halloween 🎃👻 (at School of Business and Economics)
What I do at work when I am told I can decorate  (at School of Business and Economics)
I had a peaceful moment between precalc and chemistry. #plattsburgh  (at Hawkins Hall)
Officially a college student! All moved in to my dorm ✌️ (at Wilson Hall)
My dreams have finally come true. #Hogwarts #HarryPotterWorld2k14
Even though you can’t see our faces I am so happy to finally be an alumni of Minisink Valley High School. It’s been real but it’s time to move on. I will look back on my times in high school rather fondly. We made it!  (at Minisink Valley Central School)
Well. It’s been a long 4 years at Minisink Valley and when we all walk across that stage tomorrow evening, it’ll be the start of our lives. So good luck to everyone graduating tomorrow with me in everything they attempt to do. Its been real ✌️
I definitely earned that certificate I received. Although teaching is not in my future by any means New Vision has offered me sooo many great opportunities and I appreciate every second of it. I would like to think my NV friends, @thenoblefrenchfry, and my family for their support especially my parents. I DID IT! #graduation1  (at Stewart International Airport (SWF))
Baccalaureate!  (at minisink valley high school)
Happy birthday @thenoblefrenchfry! Hope it was amazing 😘✌️ (at Outback Steakhouse - W. Nyack - Palisades)

Last picture from the concert!
Happy 16th birthday you dork 😜
Best part of my night with @AJR at the @starlandballroomNJ Lindsey Stirling concert last night!
@lindseystirling concert last night with the best!!
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